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Default Re: The best deal EVER.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
With just a little cosmetic work I think you can at least break even

Seriously, that's quite a deal. I'd like to have set in on the conversation between you and the original owner. Who offered who what? Did you hold out unless the battery charger was part of the deal?

The gentleman approached me at a local grocery store when I was loading My Pig and we got to yappin about bikes and how I build them. Next thing I know, HE offers me this deal. Of course, I instantly assumed it was BS, like 99.999% of the "I want one!" talk I get while riding.
We exchanged numbers and I told him to keep an eye on CL for my builds, never expecting to hear from him again.
FF to last week. He calls me out of the blue, on the same day I score the $10 bike and asks me if I want to look at the RV. He tells me he's serious and only needs a set of trailer tires to move his boat, and he's ready.
I RUN to pull-a-part and buy two donut spares for $15 and hope for the best.
And here we are.
I'm going back over tonight to work on it some more. I have a 12v inline fuel pump so worse comes to worst, I'll run it on a gas can next to the engine to get it home. The starter is the more problematic thing I forsee.
Might have to pop for a new one if a fresh battery won't kick it past the dead spot. (Just clicks a lot now) Typical Dodge starter, regardless of the engine.
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