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Default The best deal EVER.

Got this trade done yesterday....
I swapped this bike:

for this motorhome:

Talk about a good swap! I built the bike on a $10 yard sale Huffy with a FREE 49cc motor built from parts. With some small parts to finish it, total cost of the bike was under $40.

This RV has a Dodge 413 big block with under 100k miles and runs. Been siitting awhile and might need a starter and/or battery, but even if I throw $100 at it, I can't see selling it under $ considering the cost of the bike...
I could get $400 TOPS for the bike.
What do you think? Sounds too good to be true. BUT IT IS!!!
I have title signed and in hand. Heard it run yesterday before battery or starter conked out.

*dances around the yard like a complete idiot*
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