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Default Grease: How Do You Do It?

How often do you check your wheel bearing's? How often do you clean and lubricate them? Do you clean and lubricate your wheel bearings at all? What kind of grease do you use?
I use an extreme pressure high temp. complex grease. Good stuff, but still I have to clean and lube about every 300 miles. What about you?

Here are the factor's to consider:

rider weight_ 230lbs.
bike weight with fuel & tools_ 70 lbs. (I'm just a guessing)
riding style_ aggressive
cruising speed_ 25 - 30
top seed / how often / how long_ 35+ / often / briefly
avg. distance_ 8 miles
max distance _ 50 miles
climate_ desert / hot / dry / dusty
2 stroke_ 2 stoke
4 stroke_
If you have to force it there must be a better way

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