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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yesterday I gutted the Mag out of the newest build for a motor that needed it. Today I think I'm going to remove the mag-less motor from that frame at rip it to bits or just chuck it. It's been a problem all the way along.. broken spoke in the back wheel, missing brake parts, some other 'bicycle' problems.. the motor doesn't sit well in it (had to use the large tube adapter front mount).. The clutch won't stay adjusted (I tweak until the backl wheel doesn't turn when the lever is in and 'locked', take it for a 200' test and when you lock the lever in again the back wheel spins) the clutch lever casting snapped in two places as I was tightening it to the handlebars (leaving me a lever and a U-shaped piece of white metal junk).. it chewed and destroyed a masterlink on a test.. Overall, bad juju. So either I de-motorise it and get rid of it, or I strip it right down to components. If I do the latter, it might infect other builds though. Maybe I can get someone to give me a few bucks for it as just a bike and be rid of it.


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