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Default Re: Second gas tank to crack and leak

I've posted this suggestion quite a few times. It always worked well for me. I use a product called 'glass setting tape. Automotive glass shops use it to seat window glass into the channels. It comes on a roll, is about two inches wide and is about 1/8" thick. It is a rubbery compound that can be moistened with a light solvent like WD-40. Before the solvent dries the tape gets gooey and after it dries it will act as an adhesive to keep the fuel tank in place without tightening the fasteners too much. Once set the tape will cushion the tank where it sits on the frame and it will hold it in place without slipping.
If you need to remove the tank later it will peel off easily.

Any auto glass shop will have it and if you ask nice they might just give you a foot of tape. That's all you'll need to mount one tank.

Double sided tape is also a good idea. I've used it and I prefer the thicker type. It will conform better to any curvatures than the thin stuff. But it can be a challenge to get off because it usually leaves a sticky residue.

Whatever, don't rely on the metal to metal clamps and overtightening the fasteners to hold the tank on. It's almost a sure thing that the studs will eventually leak if you do.

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