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Default Re: parts late again

Some of the best parts I order take the longest to get here... I know it can be frustrating when ya wanna ride and a simple gasket is all that's holding ya back...

I know Juice has had some problems in the past where they couldn't ship things out on time but they've got better and I get stuff fast from them now, either way I'll continue to buy from them since they sell only high quality parts that nobody else offers.

I also see no reason to badmouth someone or smear their names all over the forums when it took an extra week to get my parts regardless of who they are. Things happen from time to time either they run out of stock or their shipments are late and people place orders before they can update their sites telling everyone they're out of stock etc... or sometimes they make a really good part and Everyone wants it, running them out of a certain item until they can build more and catch up again. That happens a lot when someone is working out of their garage by themself and people find out they have a really good product.

Hopefully I can sell a few goodies once I get some better tooling because if I tried it now there's no way I could keep up...
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