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Default Re: Making a custom bike engine

i have been looking into to this as well ...

i am a machineist also , i work for microline pentax and manufacture medical instruments for surgery....

i was thinking about a whole new crank case with the proper case preasure around 1.3:1 and a case inducted reed valve from a high end moped, the cilynder would be ether a moped jug or a custom made aluminum one cnc manufactued on a 5 axsis but the design would be as sutch that you can bolt bolth to the case so one would have the option to run a cheap moped jug or buy the expencive cnc milled high performance one that can be modded to his or her liking this would involve making a billit case with a jug bolt patter the same as the puch moped so you could use the puch jugs and big bore kits but the option for a custom machined one would be there for those who wish it, there would be a custom head also like a fred head or diamond head..... it would run the puch moped crank and conrods in the billit case and run the puch 2 speed or one speed auto clutch.... this way the field of performance parts and upgrades is wide open for the builder !

the billit case would also have mounting points or studs and multiple stud holes so and mounting blocks, this way you could mount it offseet or on a wide tube frame or on a cruiser frame simply by changing the studs to a differanyt set of holes IE: wider pattern or thinner pattern offset or not and then space the motor off the fram by means of the differant blocks that would come with it IE: 1in block 2in block 3in block exe....exe... the blocks would be cut one one side to fit around the frame and can be had in differant frame tube sizes and thicknesses.

this is my idea ... mabey you can use it IDK share all i can man !
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