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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well yesterday was a full day of riding or tinkering with a bike or two, road the Kulana Moon Dawg bike for a nice little 19 mile road trip which just happen to turn in my best top speed on that bike so far, seems it is getting a little better when I thought it was as broke in as it would get already, it hit 45.4 MPH on a slight declining area of the road and will maintain 44.3 MPH on the flat now with no serious head wind in the mix, thats a 1 MPH increase in the last 80-90 miles, engine has a tad under 400 miles on it now so I guess things are getting a bit better as everything mates in good.

Got back home and decided to piddle with some parts that will be going on my next build which is the Schwinn Fleet Cruiser I picked up for $40 last week, I'm putting 12ga spoked Chrome Steel Wheel Master wheels on it, rear will have Shimano coaster which I really like, it's getting mountain bike suspension forks and some tall ape hanger bars for a comfortable ride and a kewl look, this bike will be the most colorful of my bikes for sure, got the forks cleaned up nice and painted yesterday, also got a set of cranks cleaned and painted high gloss black for it, frame will get sanded and painted before long when time permits.

also cleaned up and painted a 2 liter fuel tank to replace the leaking 3liter tank on the 63 Western Flyer bike, the 3 liter tank needs a new weld on one of the mounting studs which sprang a serious leak on my last ride to town on it, I'll do the tank swap today to get that bike back on the road again and probably put the new 36T chain ring on the cranks I painted yesterday.

Probably gonna swap out the HD Lightening CDI for the Rocket CDI I got in th mail last week also, doing a comparison between the two so I can report back here on which is the best bang for the buck and if either actually does better than the other performance wise on my bike.

Enjoying my two days off from work and time tinkering with my bikes...

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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