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Default Re: Exhaust tube bending

It looks like the sand method is good but it has to be tampped in there really good before attempting the bend. Wet sand might pack in better especially if you're using a much shorter section of tubing than that guy in the video, but worth experimenting with.
I was going to get some Cerro Bend stuff a few years ago but didn't really have an excuse to buy it but I've seen that stuff in action and it leaves no kinks or wrinkles, and it's ultra low melting point makes it practical for home use or smaller scale projects like these bikes' exhaust systems.

A while back I needed to replace some fuel line on one of my bikes and it takes a preformed hose with some really tight raduis bends in it, (dealer item only and Very expensive because of that) the regular hose would kink badly before going around the bends it needed to so I devised the idea to put a section of insulated 8 gauge solid copper wire inside the fuel line hose, then dip it in boiling water, take it out and bend to shape, let cool then remove the wire (wd40 helps a LOT here) and the hose held it's shape just perfectly.
This works best with those clear or transparent colored fuel line hoses and you can get the bend radius as tight as needed without any worry of kinking or collapsing.

I know this is off the real subject, but since we're talking about bending stuff without kinking it, it's worth sharing.... especially if someone has to route some 1/4" or 5/16" fuel line that needs a 1/2" radius bend and it keeps trying to kink shut. Hopefully someone can find this little tidbit helpful too...
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