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Default Re: Exhaust tube bending

Originally Posted by wret View Post
Wet sand "seems" like it will pack better due to the lubricating effect of the water. You actually don't want any lubrication when you do the bending. You want the grains of sand locked into an uncompressible matrix.

Also, if you use water you would limit your options for applying heat to the bend area.
Lol.... water lubrication in the sand?

I would never need to use heat with sand in the pipe, heating the pipe would defeat the purpose and actually weaken the pipe and cause it to wrinkle at the bend point, wet sand is very dense and the strength of it will be that it will pack so firmly inside the pipe that the more the pipe bends the more outward pressure the sand will apply, this is ehat I think will allow the bend to be done with less chance of the pipe crimping at the bend, once I give it a try I will know for sure, but wet sand will pack harder and denser than dry sand and almost act as though there is something more solid inside the pjpe as it bends.

We shall!
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