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Default Making a custom bike engine

Hi all, I am new here and I am learning to be a machinist, I have two years so far running manual machines and a little cnc experience. Any way, I am in the process of designing a 6 cylinder inline engine using the cylinder/ piston sets that are available for the 66cc bike engines. I have a few questions about these engines, as I do not own one yet.
Can someone give me a few simple dimensions ie: cylinder/head length and width, and hopefully someone can tell me what the stroke of these engines are.
I am planning todo the crankcase in seperate parts that bolt together with plates inbetween the case segments that will seal up each segment of the case and will have the bearing hole for the crank shaft.
I am able to use the machines at school to make some of the parts next year but it is summer but luck would have it that my neighbor a few houses down is a machinist with his own shop in the garage, so maybe he can help me out with some parts. thanks
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