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Default Re: copper gasket ..Calling all pro's

I've used the permatex stuff before but I've always ended up going back to my favorite, the trusty Old Indian Head... which is now made by Permatex, but they kept it the same and didn't change it in any way.
Copper gasket spray and silver spray paint also work well for me and I've used both over the years, they both work really really well on MLS head gaskets where sealant normally isn't required just for added assurance it won't leak.
I'm still using Juice's copper gaskets exclusively since they're laser cut and really nice, the transfer area usually needs to be matched up on his base gaskets but it's better to have a little extra material there so they'll fit any of these engines and then the end user or builder can trim them to fit perfectly. IF he made them fit one engine perfect, they probably wopuld be a little off on another engine so leaving a little extra material in that area is a good idea.
Hopefully after I get my business up and running I can slip in a CNC router when I buy my equipment, then I'll be able to make my own copper and aluminum gaskets, spacers, etc as well as just about any small part that's made of aluminum or other soft metals or plastics etc. , but for now Juice makes a really really good product and I'll continue to buy his gaskets. His other gaskets like the case, and the intake/exhaust are all copper sprayed over high quality gasket paper so anyone could buy his paper gaskets and spray the copper on themself, but I'd really like it if he started making a copper exhaust gasket that's about .080" thick. RSE has solid copper exhaust gaskets, but they cost $20 to ship to Texas so unless I'm buying like 10 or more it's not very practical, but the quality is there and would never blow another exhaust gasket.
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