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Default Re: Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

Originally Posted by Teratoma View Post
Thanks for that Map!

And let me just say that Lola and I just got back from one freakin' EPIC ride - and more importantly - PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

I filled the tank with a mixture close to about 40:1 give or take, and went for a 20-or-so mile ride up into the foothills, with a few substantial changes in elevation.

She started right up, and pretty much SCREAMED and PURRED the whole way instead of sputtering or lagging like she's been doing.

Absolutely gorgeous night for a ride - and I'm just giddy that it was such an easy fix!
Thanks to all of you for your help and for welcoming me here.

Much love!
It's great to hear Lola is now purring , my cruiser Bella is quite the temperamental lady and for the first few weeks if everything wasn't as she wanted it she would get upset and refuse to work , over a few weeks/ months you will get to know Lola's temperament and essentially you will become companions in such a way that she will know what you ask of her and you will know what she asks of you , yes sometimes things will go wrong but from a person that up until my last build had absolutely no experience with 2strokes these guys have my 10/10 vote for help , they have given me the courage and knowledge to completely strip my motor down to the bare bones and put her back together without missing a beat.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say it is a joy to have another member with such a great attitude sharing their tale with their build

It would be fantastic if you could share some pics of her

Edit >>> I just looked at your album ,she is one sweet looking ride my friend

Kindest regards Henshooter
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