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Smile Re: I like the brass badge but...

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
Well, the brass head badge looked nice all shined up but the brass dulls fast and then gets that patina which I wouldn't like. I tried clear brass lacquer but I didn't like that either (do I sound like the princess and the pea?).

So, I pulled the transformer back out, cooked up some zinc electrolyte and plated the brass.

I like the color in the background but the paint would get all messed up when I was polishing the brass so, off I went to Harbor Freight and bought some black powder coat ($3.99). Mixed some up with acetone and painted it in the low background. Of course I got some on the high places so after the acetone evaporated off I used steel wool to get the powder coat off where I didn't want it.

After I cooked the powder coat in the oven I plated on another coat of zinc and buffed it out on my buffing wheel. Buffing wheel didn't mess the powder coat up at all and the zinc came out nice and shiny.

That turned out awesome Scotty, we gonna see it at the track in 2 weeks? I certainly hope so!

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