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Default Re: Terry Blow speaks of the importance of a fuel filter for the Heashung

If the goped is new from the factory, it should come with a filter on it. If it is used, no guarantees. If you need one, go to an auto parts store such as advance or auto zone, and ask where the small engine section is. There you will find several to choose from. Make sure you get one that has a nipple on both ends. Installation is very simple. Make sure the fuel valve on the tank is shut off, take a pair of scissors or diagonals and cut the fuel line and hook each end of the fuel line where you cut it to one of the nipples on the filter. If the filter has an arrow on the side, be sure to install the filter so the arrow is pointing the opposite direction of the tank, not towards it. If the filter does not have an arrow on the side, it does not matter which direction you install it in. Once the filter is installed, you may want to check the flow. You can disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and turn the fuel on for a very brief second, just to ensure that gas is coming out. Once you see that it is (it will not take very long at all), immediately shut the fuel off again and re-attach the fuel line to the carburetor.
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