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I'm not a fan of spring tensioners for several reasons. However, any tensioner you use must be installed so that the tensioner wheel is aligned with the chain path. The kit clamp-on fasteners are notorious for being out of alignment with the center line of the chain and all typically require the mount be bent, or twisted to align the wheel with the chain or it will tend to pull the chain off to one side causing chain derailment.

Whatever tensioner you choose to use, make certain that it only applies pressure to the chain to maintain tension, and not drag the chain off to either side. Contrary to popular belief, tensioners are not meant to 'guide' the chain. If the drive and driven sprockets are properly aligned there is no reason to guide the chain, but only to keep it tensioned. 1/2" to 3/4" of slack is what you want.
Spring tensioners will allow the chain to go slack on deceleration. That you don't need or want.

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