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Default Re: home remedy goggle anti-fog

Good old Barbasol. The old foam type. Not the gel type. Twenty year supply for 99 a can.

Wipe it on. Let it dry completely. Wipe off the excess.

I've tried Cat Crap, Fogtech, and some no name wipes from Mal-wart. None of them did a better job at anything except draining funds from my wallet. Cat Crap put a halo around every head light and street light. Fogtech didn't last more than a day or two. The Mal-wart wipes didn't do anything at all.

I have heard the Smith makes some anti-fog wipes that are pretty good though.

One more thing to be aware of. [got this little bit wrong] The shaving cream trick works by reducing surface tension to the point where the individual micro droplets turn to a film. The moisture will still be there and there will be some visual distortion. In extreme cases I've found it to be more annoying than the Cat Crap itself but by then I'm usually pedaling hard in 15F.

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