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I think it about experimenting to see what you can get to work the best on your bike, I started off trying to use a wired speedometer and it would go crazy as soon as the engine starter, but the wireless worked great, since then I have used both and have had good result with both, only thing that will mess up my speedometers now is when I run my high powered LED headlight, as soon as I plug the light in and turn it on it kills my speedometers until I turn it off, I guess the LED circuitry emits some type of RF that messes with the speedometers, I've tried newer and the old Stewart Waner analog speedometers on my bikes and none of them read correctly and none of them lasted very long, they just dont atke the beating my bikes deal out on them so I'm done waisting my $$$ on the old school mechanical speedometers.

The one I posted links to in my previous post all work great on my bikes, I set them up and then check them with GPS to confirm they are accurate, they're good bang for the buck and hold up to the vibes and getting knocked around for me.

but I'd try moving the CDI before I gave up on the one you are using now Scol, if that doesn't work i'd try a good wired one and see what you get out of it, one or the other will work out i'm sure.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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