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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Is it normal the fact I get a big grin on my face imagining the oven door exploding open by some numbskull that may not have gotten all the gas out of their tank ?
Yes, completely normal.

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Seriously though...if you have access to dry ice some gas.companies will use dry ice to evacuate vapors from under ground gas tanks. I guess by law they have to use it. It works pretty good too. When ever Im about to paint my tank I drained the gas remove valve, then filled it with very hot water and Dawn soap det,I shake the bejesus out of it drain & repeat till I smell nothing I never tossed one in the oven though
I never thought about using dry ice before but that would work great for displacing gas fumes. VHT is enamel paint that is resistant to chemicals, including gas, but it has to be properly cured (i.e. baked) for those properties to manifest.

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
You know Dave I was thinking after watching your video ( man he looks like a cross between Kyle petty and Ted Nugent So I clicked on Kyle Petty then remembered his son Adam Petty and I also remembered the fact he died at the Loudon NH speedway so I looked him up to see a picture of him & was shocked to see he passed away 14 years ago to the day May 12th 2000 talk about weird huh! . So here's to you Adam Petty The first 4th generation NASCAR driver ever. R.I.P. son!!
Kyle Petty & Ted Nugent, huh? Never heard that one before. But thank you, I consider both individuals to be swell folks & I'm honored by the comparison! Going fast & jamming to hard rock are two of my favorite things, sometimes simultaniously! (I can't drive 55!)
By the holy power of Love, Life & Laughter, I commend you to Go Forth & Be Awesome!
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