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Default Re: correct rim size for Skyhawk frame

I run a single freewheel myself- and match the chains as best as I can with half-links- which is not always an exact science and one chain- the motor usually may stretch more than the other and need re-adjusting- I have 22 teeth freewheels and I think the bikes have a 42 and 44 front- an easily pedalling gear!

but I HATE tensioners- the weight, the failure risk, the extra links

On the other hand I have run a derailleur in the past- and it's not a bad gig- simply because a derailleur automatically tensions the pedal chain then- all you have top do is sert the motor chain -

and you can also get now a lightweight 3 speed freewheel on ebay, that's almost as light as a single freewheel, but still gives you some pedalling ranges-
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