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Default Re: Is this normal?

Thanks for your response Tom. I don't think I'm gonna get anywhere with trying to get a replacement or refund. From the same website ( I also ordered a jackshaft kit, I was most upset to find the freewheel thread had been pressed on to the crank crooked and the crank was also bent and the pedal hole was not straight! Being a newbe with nothing but the one website that I had come across and no other resorces I went ahead and ordered another jackshift kit (after realizing they were never going to give me a replacement for the dud one) - stupid me - the second kit they just never even bothered to send!! ArrrgRRR- had to just forget about it and move on...
Luckily I have found the sick bike parts site now and have had no further such problems and think SBP is a fantastic site.
The engine has good midrange now that it's broken in so I think when I put a jackshift kit in to enable me to lower the revs (and also coast rather than letting the wheel drag the motor round at high revs down hills) it will be quite useable for as long as it lasts. I can't see any abnormal wear on the primary drive gear teeth yet... Lucky there is quite a lot of backlash(free play) between the cogs!
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