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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar


This kit will not include the bike...I will be building specialty bikes for sale in the Tampa bay area; to qualified buyers only. The kit will be for sale world wide.

I would really like to have a kit for each frame style, (Beach cruiser for example), but until I try it on a specific bike I won't know for certain that the kit truly fits perfect. The idea is to have a no hassles kit...bolt it on and done.

I'm going to start with the Schwinn Jaguar. Then I will buy other, similar, bikes and install the kit. If it goes on perfect then I will add that brand/model to the approved list. Eventually the list will grow, as a subtle design change may be all that's needed to allow the kit to fit a wider variety of bikes. It's a slow process. I could spend 3 months on the design side by gathering up a wide variety of like-framed bikes, and take the time to make a kit that fits all of these bikes.

The initial offering will be advertised for fittment on the Schwinn Jaguar only. Although it is obvious that this bike appears to share the same frame geometry as many others, (visually), whether or not it actually fits wil be unknown at first. I will probably allow a select few to buy this kit and "try It" on a different bike...this will be for those that I feel have the tools and mechanical ability to make subtle changes without destroying the whole thing...all others will have to provide a photo of a Schwinn Jaguar, and the ability to post installation photos should a problem arise. This requirement will be waived for a customer who is wiling to place a phone call to the shop!

I do not know how well this kit is going to be recieved, that's why I did a poll to find out which of the readily available bikes is most popular.

If the Jaguar kit sells then I will expand the line to include others.

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