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Default Re: New to the motor bicycle world!

Sadly I know this Huffy.

A guy bought it on Craigs for a 'great deal' but brought it me to repair because it 'never ran right'.

No kidding, the motor mount was crap, the back hub was toast, tensioner toast, no air cleaner, etc.

I gave him $100 off a new build I just happened to have on hand as I would have charged him more than that to fix the POS and it would still be one.

So I dropped $100 to get the $50 HD band brake hub with sprocket and had my local bike shop lace it into the wheel with the Huffy 12g spokes for another $50.

So $200 plus all the other new parts like front brake, dual pull lever, SBP front mount and time to make it 'acceptable'.

Nothing but problems still.
I just gave it to Cole my mechanic as a 'bonus'...
Pffft, more like a headache.
I guess it has frame cracks now and breaking front and rear spokes that puncture up through the rim even with the 'bullet proof' setup I do with HD tubes and liners.

I am not going to Huffy Puffy about trying to build a decent reliable motorized bicycle on a $100 WallyWorld bike other than recommend against it.
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