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Default Re: Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

Good to hear your problem is solved. 16:1 oil ratio is fine for break in (about four tankfuls) to help lube the rings & chrome plated cylinder bore, but once the rings seat, 16:1 is overkill. I prefer to err on the side of caution with a dash of Marvel Mystery oil on top of 32:1 two cycle mix. Spark plugs are cheaper & easier to replace than rings & bearings. But my final ratio is probibly closer to 30:1, and it works for me. There are some here who swear up & down they burn 100:1 all day every day, but they also burn the real expensive synthetic oils. I cannot find a store here locally that sells it so I run the generic stuff for lawn equipment.

Burning a fat oil mix makes the fuel lazy, or rather it slows the burn rate, ideal for a fresh motor to minimize compression blow by and aid break in. By the time you have gone through 4 tankfuls you should have traveled around 200 miles, at which time you can use half the oil as before. If our motors were crafted in Germany or Japan, our cylinder bores would be coated with nickalsil, but they aren't. Instead, they are made by the Chinese, who are masters of slashing costs by using cheaper materials, hence our cylinders are chrome plated, which is softer & less durable, hence the need for a richer oil ratio.

Again, congrats for finding a solution for your problem. If any more come up, know that there is centuries of accumulated experience with these specific engines from hundreds of forum users right here on this site. Many of us are eager & willing to lend advice providing you don't act like a jerk. A lot of us have already gone through what you are right now and can tell you how we overcame those difficulties.
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