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Default Re: pictures of multiple engine bikes i saw

Originally Posted by rock out View Post
Wouldn't all the chains be angled?
No, imagine a long shaft just behind the engines that is supported with three or more bearings and multiple small sprockets on the shaft perfectly lined up behind the engines so that a short chain from each engine could be connected to each of the small sprockets and the there is also one other sprocket on that shaft that is inline with the rear wheel drive sprocket with a chain that extends from the shaft sprocket all he way back and down to and around the sprocket that's on the rear wheel, so all the engines are linked to the shaft by chain to the small sprockets on the shaft and the shaft is then linked to the rear wheel sprocket by the long chain between 8th sprocket on shaft to the rear wheel sprocket.

Someone else may do better explaining this with fewer words but that is how it flowed through my fingers

Hope this explains it ok.

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