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Default Are Gopeders welcome here?

I'm not a MBer, but more of the Red Headed Stepchild no-one talks about that lives in the Attic room.

Just wondering of mini-scooter fellas are welcome here.

I'm in the process of getting a 4-stroke "goped" (Chinese knock-off). These are street legal in my State and also Town (one's Town has the final word in my state - there are other Towns that have made them illegal) - as long as you ride on 25 mph posted streets and residential streets only, and 35cc or less. I not clear on bike trails yet.

I know in my state Motorized Pedicycles are similar in restriction (49 cc or less), but are allowed to travel on 30 mph posted roads also.

In addition to simply riding the thing out of the box - my Town's website has listed city ordinances (restrictions above and beyond the State ones) for adding Headlight, Tailight, Speedometer, and 2 Mirrors (I added the need for a Horn)................I'm in the process of buying these items and the motorized scooter to comply with my State's Laws, and ride free of insurance, registration, age (no age mandate!! lol - I'm several decades from 6yrs old though ;-/, or drivers license.

Nearly the whole town is made up of slow roads - 4 miles up-down and across, so such a vehicle would be practical and cheap here.
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