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Default Getting there!

Time to mess with the jet. So I took my bike to a flat section of road behind a marina in San Diego. The area around my house is too hilly to test changes in performance. I rode my bike to gauge where I was at. It would accelerate fine but not very smoothly and then hit a sweet spot… on. I went back to the truck got messy with gas changing the jet to a #68. Wow…I hit that sweet spot way earlier than before. I dropped to #66 and have left it there for now. Far less pup pup pup and better torque!
I will follow the advice of several of the more tenured riders and get a drill set to fine tune further. All I can say is don’t be apprehensive to tackle this job. Super easy and what a difference. I also put my needle clip in the middle because I’m in a hilly area and I’ve heard a little richer is better. I will do the plug test soon to see where I’m at but it feels pretty good for now…touch wood
P.S I put a muffler on the SBP X chamber (from SBP) and it makes it a little more stealthy! More engine noise than anything (at idle anyway).

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