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Default Re: Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

And hey - without turning this into a bashing-session for my "gas-bike mentor", I have another question:

What problems might be caused by leaving the fuel valve in the 'on' position while parked?

The reason I ask is because a certain associate of mine told me that its only purpose was to prevent leakage, and if my bike wasn't leaking gas I should just leave it 'on'.

Well, another associate of mine (who told me his 'mentor' had suggested a 32:1 mixture) said that I would be constantly flooding the carburetor by doing that. Sounds reasonable.

After trying to remember to shut it off ever since - it seems to have made a bit of a difference. Not a substantial difference, but perhaps a noticeable one? Meaning I can start the thing in ONE block as opposed to two or three... Of course I realize the mixture is my main issue - but a carb flooded with syrupy goo would certainly compound the issue, right?

tl;dr: How can I explain to someone why leaving the fuel-valve 'on' is a no-no?

Not worth starting a new thread for - I would've included this in my OP if my other friend had mentioned it sooner.
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