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Default Re: Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

Thanks for the great responses everyone! As I indicated earlier, I was pretty sure my mixture was the problem.

My friend does have the experience - I lived next door to him for years and now we're roommates. I have learned a lot from him - which includes when to get a second opinion, believe me. Especially now.

@Maniac57: at one point last week I did change the plug and noticed a substantial improvement at first, but then the issues returned. This just re-enforces what's being said by everyone else here.

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
Well said Tom and I have to completely agree , I used to have the exact issues described by teratoma...
This is my favorite response so far - since you had "the exact issues" I described and resolved them easily by changing the mix.

SO. My work is cut out for me this weekend, and I will report back soon. I know that joining this forum was definitely a good choice - thanks again.


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