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Default Re: Electrolytic Etching

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Anodization is great, then Tiodization came along and is a cool way to color titanium. How does one tiodize titanium......with oxides? A titanium head badge with color would be the shiz in my book.

I have lots of transformers, been charging lots of batteries and such for decades Let's ride!
In the 9 years I spent as a jeweler I did a little messing around with the plating process.

Tiodization - fancy name for oxidizing Titanium.
Titanium - symbol on the periodic table of elements is Ti
Anodizing - increases the thickness of the naturally occurring oxide coating on a metal.

Electroplating - different metals on the anode and cathode.
Anodizing - same metal on the anode and cathode

Anodizing only works for metals which form corrosion resistant oxides that tightly adhere to the base metal surface (like Aluminum and Titanium). Steel can not be anodized because the rust (iron oxide) flakes off.

With Titanium, different colors will appear at different voltage levels as the titanium oxide builds up on the work piece.

Titanium can also be colored using the heat from a torch!

Here's a good website describing how to anodize titanium:

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