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Aye, it is a little known mod. I think only one mention of it on any forum (by Jaguar, IIRC), so may well not be needed; but for only an extra $3 on a $3000 build it may be worth a try! I'm used to pedal powered bikes (I have six at the moment!) so even if this noise/ friction/ power loss is only very minor, in my head it's important enough at least to look for the root cause of the (what I've read is an) annoying noise, which is poorly meshing gear tooth profile according to my reading.
It'll be a while til I have enough parts to start building so it's going to be later in the year before I can post any "progress" but I promise I will try to document as thoroughly as I can, to return the favour, as all the ideas and info for my build-plan have been distilled from other forum members' posts.
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