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Default Re: Anti-theft

Good locks (more than one) keep the honest at bay. Same principle as putting a "club" device on the steering wheel of a car.. it doesn't say "Don't steal me," it says "My neighbour's car is easier to steal." Lock the back wheel to the frame with one, front wheel to the frame and something solid with the other. I usually have people doing the Q&A routine when I'm unlocking so I don't notice the extra time needed then.

Close the fuel valve(s), and close the choke when you leave it. Most folks know very little about our bikes, so don't immediately see the choke and the petcock. If the engine is warmed up it won't start or run well with the choke closed, and if they do get it going it will be such a pain in the..neck choked up that they'll run out of fuel in the float bowl before they get too far. Also, leave the clutch engaged so the back wheel won't turn freely and it's another step they need to figure out or they'll be carrying it.


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