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Default Re: Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

To clean out the exhaust/muffler, grab a spray can of Brake Cleaner from your local auto supply.. I usually throw some kitty litter in a jar or something to catch the run-off so I don't have a mess where I did it. Assuming we're talking about the 49/66cc 'stock' muffler here, you can also undo the 10mm nut on the end and slide it apart to clean out any oily deposits. If you do that, check the holes drilled in the internal pipe for manufacturing waste (I've seen everything from clean and nice to something that might have been dragged through the metal-shavings bin on the way to being boxed up) and clean them out with a file or drill bit if needed.

Now, having just sold a nicely broken in bike to someone who then came back to me with "My friend said I should do this and that etc" I might be a little.. touchy.. on this point. In my opinion, I built it, I broke it in, I know what I'm talking about. His friend does a good job of sitting around getting wasted and talking sh*t.

Your friend should know better after having built "a couple dozen" of these. The mix advice you were given is probably (again, in MY opinion) some of the worst you could have gotten.


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