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Default Re: Using a different carb during break in

If you plan to stay with that RT, clone carb you need to know how the choke works. It is spring loaded to the open position but isn't adjustable like the one on your original carburetor. It is either wide open or closed. Once you close it, it stays closed until you twist the throttle to wide open. That is a feature I don't like. I don't use the chokes on my engines as a rule but if I do I like to run about 1/2 choke to start on a cold day. Also if your cable adjustment isn't right the choke won't release (open).

Actually I've never really seen any performance improvement with that carb. I prefer the venerable NT or NT Speed. They're easier to tune, provide all the fuel that a stock engine can handle and are essentially troublefree as long as you give them clean, filtered fuel and air.

Your leaking problem is almost certainly caused by a blocked needle valve or a cracked float that has sunk in the bowl. Both take minutes to repair. There isn't actually anything to wear out or go bad with the NT carburetor except the plastic float.

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