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Haha thanks xseler you should see the (not even detailed) 70 step build instructions I compiled from various tips I gleaned from comments in about 1000 forum threads I read. xD I just wanted to make sure I do the jobs in the right order and make sure all planned modifications and components are compatible with one another. There is nothing new in my plans but perhaps it's taking (what in my mind is) the best from various other people's stealth/tour/workhorse builds they have kindly written about. Trouble is now I think it'll take me a long time to even get enough parts to begin bolting bits together.

Valve grinding paste is just the easiest and cheapest type of grinding paste to source. Grinding paste is not definitely neccesary on all engines but on some with overly square and noisy cog teeth it gas been used to finish/round the teeth of the primary cogs by applying it instead of thick grease and running the bike til the teeth wear down a little, then it's cleaned off and replaced with proper tacky grease. This quietens the noise from inside the clutch cover and is tackling the root cause of the problem which will still take some more improvement with addition of inside and outside clutch cover sound dampeners from Sick Bike Parts (outside one is inc in the shift kit).
There are not too many jobs like this in my plan, it's mostly bolt together "plug n play" type stuff, just a little filing here and polishing there, so WHEN I post a thread of the build it should be easily reproducable by anyone with basic hand tools.
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