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Unhappy Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

I dug around on this board for a thread describing the exact symptoms my bike is displaying and came up null - though I am suspecting my fuel/oil ratio to be the culprit.

That being said I'm going to describe the problem as best as I can to see if it sounds familiar to anyone:

The bike/engine are under 4 weeks old. This problem seems to have developed within the last two.

Basically, I have a hard time starting. I have to pedal and pop the clutch several times over several blocks before it'll "start". In quotes because it will start and die a few times after that. Once I get it to idle, I can gradually rev it until it stays running, but it still takes a few minutes after that to "perform".

Once I deal with all of that and the bike is 'warmed up', it *will* perform. I can then stop the engine, and as long as I don't wait too long, it will start right back up and perform just fine. If it cools off again - it's back to the beginning.

I was told by the person who helped me put this together that "you can't use to much oil" and as a result am probably using a richer mixture than even 16:1 - but after reading the forums I know that isn't true. He insists that isn't my problem but I'm asking here; does what I've described sound like it could be anything else?

tl;dr: new bike quickly developed problems starting/performing - but works fine once warmed up.
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