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Default Re: Using a different carb during break in

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
If you have no idea how to swap the carbs, why bother in the first place? The stock NT carbs work fine.
You may notice a difference, but that new carb will not make much power on a new stock engine. Once it's fully broken in, you can worry about carb tuning.
I have to agree with Maniac the stock "speed" nt carbys work a treat and are easy to tune , I purchased a racing carby and the thing was a pain in the arse to tune , there's no way to tune it without replacing jets and there's no pin adjust , I went back to the speed NT , IMHO the racing carby slide is much more prone to seizing with dirt and a pain to fit the cable correctly

Yeah the air filter looks cool but it's not worth the potential issues you can have with the racing carbys in my oppinion

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