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Default Re: Noob mods

Juicemoto sells a stud upgrade kit with case hardened, grade 5 studs(8.8 metric). I replaced every nut, bolt & stud on my bike. Locktight red in all the case threads, locktight blue for nuts. Been a few tankfuls of running around since & I can report nothing has rattled loose anymore.

Something else I wanna add, our china girls have a tendency to 'Torque twist', and that can really be **** on the rear mounts. One of my efriends on facebook submitted a tip to use an extra long bolt on the clutch cover so it bites down into the seat tube, locking the motor in place & preventing it from twisting. He says since he did that, all his chain problems disappeared, the motor mounts stay tight and even the vibrations seem less. If you think about it, the twisting phenomena could be why so many of us suffer stripped case threads, nuts working loose & snapped studs in our rear motor mounts. Sure, it might mar the paint, but having a stable, dependable bike is preferable to one that breaks down & rattles loose parts before you can burn thru a gallon of gas, right?
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