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Default 66CC Skyhawk Engine Problems

Hello all, I'd like to first begin with introduction, nice to meet you all, I'm a first motorized bike owner and need some assistance!
So I just bought this 66CC Engine motorized bike, and all has been well for the last 3 weeks however...
Since I've changed the oil (you have to Do a 25:1 gas and oil mixture as its 2 cycle) its been sputtering not turning on and then it stalls. Also I'm kinda a fiddler and I pushed the carb flick switch from up to down, however I haven't taken apart anything besides unhooking the ignition plug. Anywho, when I peddle to turn it on I engage the clutch, and then it starts like its trying to start however it wont engage it just sounds like a motorized sound and then when I try to apply pressure to the accelerator, nothing, gas doesn't engage, or anything then it stalls, does anyone have any similar problems with these type of cheap Chinese pieces of crap lol or am I going to have to go to a mechanic and see what he can figure out, its really weird.
Thanks again guys in advance!
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