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Default Re: What kind of motorized bike should I get?

Shift kits do have advantages on an electric though, by lessening the load on the motor at slow speeds or on inclines, you reduce the current draw, which means more range, also less battery draw down of the voltage, which means when you upshift into higher gears, the motor will have more voltage, be able to produce more torque from higher amp flow, and spin up to a higher top speed because of higher final voltage. By doing this you can get more range and more versatile performance out of any given motor and battery combination, by using the motor in its intended load and rpm range for peak efficiency. The low wattage mid-drive kits can outperform hub motors of twice the wattage and climb mountains through gear reduction, as well as allowing for greater efficiency, longer range, higher top speeds, watt-per-watt compared with a hub.

Electric motors aren't used with multiple gears on powerful electric vehicles typically because the large torque at engine stall has the power to break stuff, like gear teeth in transmissions. You need to make sure that your method of multiple gears can handle the torque, and be careful not to twist full throttle from a stop and thwack the drivetrain to bits.
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