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Default Re: Electrolytic Etching

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Sooooo what if I used current and acid kinda like nickel-plating backwards.

And how would running the current through a transformer affect it?( i.e. high volts-low amps)
Yes, current and acid works fine. The acid will help to etch faster. And yes, etching IS just like nickel-plating. Still and Anode and Cathode in a solution, it's just that the finished product is connected to the positive instead of the negative.

According to Ohm's Law, the amount of current flow will be proportional to the voltage: Amps=Volts/Ohms. The resistance of your solution between the anode and cathode would be essentially constant, and you would control the current by controlling the voltage. So, the higher the voltage, the higher the amperage. Can only lower the amperage by lowering the voltage.

If your voltage is too high you'll get an uneven etch. Best to etch between 6 and 9 volts DC. Just make sure whatever transformer you use can take the load put on it by your etching solution. A little wall wart transformer isn't going to cut it. It'll burn out as soon as you connect it to your work.
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