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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
It opened for me, I was looking for places I recognize. Panama City is the closes beach to us here in Georgia so we have been there a lot.
I ended up at Ms.Newby's @ Thomas Dr. & Joan Ave.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I also think its a good video Super Duper Dave...........LOL!

nice engine noise instead of some funky song playing that drowns out the ride like some of the videos we find on the Tube.

Ever since I have first seen your bike I have been curious about how it handles with that small front tire, but judging from the video it looks like it handles pritty stable, again nice video... looks like you had a great time and got some nice positive feedback from the on-lookers, some like our bikes and some just roll their eyes.... I figure the eye rollers only do it on the outside because of their ignorance and arrogance, but on the inside they really wish they could ride it......LOL! A true biker and/or motor sports enthusiast is always game for anything with wheels and a motor in my opinion.

Thanks! It handles great as you can tell. To roll into a hardcore bike rally & be surrounded by real bikers who are eager to scope it out & compliment you before you even drop the kickstand is a proud moment that I was glad to be able to catch on video. They accept me as one of their own. It was my intention to craft a China Girl Chopper that a real biker could appreciate & I think I pulled it off.

Originally Posted by paintgun View Post
Nice video, Dave. And I don't think it was that rough. I've seen a lot worse. And the reception you got from the guys there was pretty cool.
Thanks, I was worried because it was the 1st time I ever tried to record a ride in addition to have the camera hanging from the cord around my neck. Even when I wandered off to visit the different biker vendors, I'd peek & see folks gather around it & snap pics.

By the holy power of Love, Life & Laughter, I commend you to Go Forth & Be Awesome!
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