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No need to solder wire into the jet. Just solder the orifice closed and redrill. be sure to confirm the original size of the jet then go one drill bit size smaller.
You might not get it on the first attempt. It often takes some experimentation to find the right size.
Whatever, you need to know that you need at least about 100 miles on the engine to really know what it needs. A new engine with less than 100 miles will never perform as good as one with some miles under its belt. Actually I like to see closer to 200 miles on an engine to really determine which way to go with the fuel/air mix.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 'C' clip position has no effect on WOT, wide open throttle. The needle that the 'C' clip is on only controls fuel flow below about 3/4 throttle. Anything above that is determined by jet size.

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