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Default Re: What kind of motorized bike should I get?

For all the trusted name Lipo packs which can deliver the current draw for a powerful motor like SLA can, I have found that they cost about 4x as much but deliver a weight savings of about 1/2 that of SLA. LiFePO4 are much safer to use as they won't burn, and they are more stable and will deliver more full discharge/charge cycles than SLA or LiPo, but their current delivery is lacking and it would require a lot of cells in series to deliver high current like 50A or more continuous. If you draw on LiFePO4 batteries too hard with a high current motor, their life expectancy drops significantly.

RC LiPo still seems to be the winner in the power density comparison for eBike batteries but you need to use them very carefully, balance them, make sure they don't over discharge or charge, and take every fire precaution necessary even when storing them.

On the topic of fire, a LiPo battery that failed to charge properly burned down a corner of a family members house when it got too hot and caught fire. This is a battery the size of a slice of cheese, so you could imagine the fire hazard of a pack the size of a loaf of bread could cause. Outside storage would be my preferred method just in case something abnormal happens and causes a meltdown situation.
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