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Default Re: What kind of motorized bike should I get?

As long as you have some free time and interest in building a bike, I would go the gas route. Not only do you avoid range anxiety, you also get much more power for your buck.

To put things in perspective, a 3 horsepower engine produces around 2237 watts of power. While average power production is surely less than this, imagine a 1500 watt electric motor that will run as long as you have fuel?

Then, imagine spending only ~$600 total on a frame and gas engine kit.

Gas seems like a sure winner to me unless you have no place to keep the bike.

You also typically get more than 90mpg and a 4-stroke is fairly clean.

Finally, you can really cut down on engine noise with a quality muffler. I can hear birds chirping, etc. when I am riding on my Huasheng 50cc bike.
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