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Originally Posted by massdrive View Post
Her is some good advise... only carry the tools you need. Instead of carrying a set of allen wrench's carry only the couple allen wrenches you really use. No need to carry a heavy bag of tools to tear down your engine because unless you carry spare engine parts too it won't do any good anyway. An extra 25 lbs. of tools is dead weight and the heavier your tool bag the more difficult it is to keep it on the bike. Just carry what you need, nor more no less.
This is well said. The ht's require very few tools even for catastrophic problems...I don't carry the entire socket set, just the 8,
I also have a flipflop screwdriver for all the bits. I also carry one of the stamped plug wrenches from the kits since they are so light. Works on drive sprocket and clutch plate in a pinch too but be careful.
If you run lots of miles, you may find wear becomes a problem from tools. I lined my pack with old leather but they still rub through the sides every 3 or 4k miles. But backpacks are cheap.
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