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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

ive been doing this for 8 months, and i'm only averaging 3 bikes per month.

i ride everywhere (yes even in winter snowstorms), i hand out business cards, i advertize on forums, my website isnt great but its decent, i talk to a zillion curious people, my bikes look cool, my prices are affordable, and i'm only averaging 3 bikes per month.

as far as craigslist.... when i lived in tucson, thats how i pimped them.
BUT i NEVER brought them to the house...always met at a circle K, and didnt let them take the bikes for test-beatings. (used the insurance liability excuse) i started it up and rode up and down the street for them.
that way, they cant just get on and never come back. and they cant wreck it and say 'no thanks. i'm not buying a broken bike'. or sue.
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