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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Made a 500 lumen light out half of a 1" bell end PVC sched, 40 coupling
and 1" 50 watt 12 volt light.

"I picked up a case of 12 of them for $3 bucks at a yard sale"

I Salvaged parts from an old lamp we had that our cat decided we didn't need any more and did a 4' gravity check with it. "SMASH"

I used the power cord for the wires from the light to "the 12 volt battery
"a battery that I took out of our fio's cable modem shhh"

The chain switch from the lamp was also used for this light

I didn't HAVE to put tape on it but the pipe was gray stock & when
I painted it black it wouldn't dry "RUSTOLEUM"

So instead of waiting patiently for the paint to dry I taped it up it so I could work on it. Or else it would of looked much better more of a "factory made look" if i didn't tape it. Live and learn

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