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Default Re: Sprocket adaptor

Regardless of what anyone says about fit, you can only be sure by measuring the diameter of your hub, yourself. This will require either an outside micrometer or a digital or manual caliper. The measurement MUST be EXACT. That means down to the thousands of an inch (or millimeter if you use metric measurements).

Take your measurement and compare it with what the supplier says is the inside diameter of his adapter. If he advertises an adpater for your particular hub it is a good bet that it will fit. The guys who advertise here on the forum know what they're doing.

If you're looking at an adapter from ebay or another source you'll want to confirm the inside diameter of the adapter before you buy, or take a chance.

If the adpater is too big, and it only takes a few thousands, then it will slip and cause you as much problem as a bad rag joint. You'll also want to make sure the adapter fasteners are torqued to the manufacturer's recommendations. Too loose and it will slip. Too tight and you run the risk of stripping threads.

I feel it is a good idea to buy the adapter and sprocket as a set. That way there isn't any doubt about the sprocket working with the adapter and no redrilling will be necessary.

Good luck.

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