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Default What kind of motorized bike should I get?

I'm in a transition so trying to get something that satisfies my current needs might not be needed for where I "want to be."

My current situation is I have a week left of college before I graduate. I got fired from a job I had for the past year (its been quite the blessing actually). I've had a sales job for the past month now. It pays decent(more if I actually make commission), but being sales I'm "ok" at it, and my immediate managers are pretty lax, but there is a chance that if I don't do well they won't keep me.

The Job is 17 miles from where my apartment is, but 15mins by car from where my parents live. So I've been staying with them the days I don't have school, and they have been nice enough to bus me around.

Basically as this is starting to become a long story, I want to keep this job for a while and leave my apartment (to stay with friends) so I can use the rent money to buy a motorized bike and pay off my debt. I don't want a moped because being a hippie/ maybe one day activist (and a little paranoid ) I don't want an updated picture of me in a database. Eventually I want to live in the city with the other "hipsters" and grow native fruit plants, (met some people at a little concert that do that, I've been doing it in my backyard at the moment) and have a lower paying artist job or vegan hippy sorta thing (if available), but at the moment I either want to ride this job I have out as I can pay down my debt or if I get good at the job Ill stay longer to pocket some of the money to help transition later.

...Well there's the long story, I don't know much about motorized bikes. Right now going the 17 mil distance at 20 mph would take me about an hour which would be fine (also might find a temporary place to stay next month that is closer), eventually I'd probably be in the city where things are closer and possible want to lug potted plants in the back on some sort of mini wagon or something, and having the bike fold up would be convenient.

I wouldn't mind spending like $500-700 dollars on a bike. This might be a bad Idea but was thinking I could find a used one for around that price and get something that originally was worth more and hopefully is still in good condition or a $500 bike with $200 repairs would be fine too. But I don't know anything about the cost though so those numbers might not be realistic.

I did some very brief looking and found the EVELO electric bicycle apparently can go 40 miles on a single charge don't know the price and this one seems nice but is 300 watt I saw one that mimicked a moped that was 700 watt but still went only 20 mph (which I think is the legal limit anyway) but I'm guessing the more wattage the more power it has or more weight it can hold or pull.

Sorry this is sorta all over the place but I appreciate any help.
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